The national flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has felt the impact of many troubling years that saw it come and go in various interpretations caused by the country's internal conflicts. Afghanistan has had over a dozen national flags throughout its existence with the most common depiction is that of a tricolor flag, containing the usual black, red, or green colors. The current national flag presents itself as a vertical tricolor with its national emblem resting in the center. The tricolor concept was inspired by the German flag back in 1928, during the European tour of Afghan King, Amanullah Khan, and his wife. The black side serves as a reminder about its tumultuous journey through the 1800's, the classical red color is associated with the casualties that the country sustained during the Third Anglo-Afghan War, and the green is meant to inspire optimism for the future of Afghanistan and its people. The emblem in the center of the flag was a common illustration for the country's change of national flag designs since 1928. The emblem bears the Afghan flag and a drawing of a building, a distinction shared with very few national flags from around the world.

Historical Flags[edit | edit source]

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