The current flag of Alabama was adopted by the state legislature on February 16, 1895, seventy-five years after statehood. The flag is a crimson saltire or diagonal cross on a white background.

The origins of the flag are unclear; it is possibly based on the Cross of Burgundy flag of Spain, which the similar flag of Florida is also based on, but it is more probably based of the flag of the Alabamian militia's Civil War battle flag. The flag is identical to the Saint Patrick's Saltire of Ireland, and also similar to the flag of Jersey.

The flag of the Governor of Alabama is the state flag defaced with the state coat of arms in the upper part and the state's military crest in the lower part.

State symbols[edit | edit source]

  • State nicknames: The Yellowhammer State; The Cotton State; The Heart of Dixie.
  • State motto: Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere "We Dare Defend Our Rights"
  • State tree: Southern Longleaf Pine
  • State flower: Camellia
  • State bird: Yellowhammer (Northern Flicker)
  • State capital: Montgomery

Historical flags[edit | edit source]

Proposals for a New Flag of Alabama[edit | edit source]

Shown below are various designs that have been proposed for a new flag of Alabama.

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