The Flag of Amazonas State Is Official Since September 25, 2002.

On February 28, 2002, through Decree No. 012-02, Governor Liborio Guarulla called a public tender for the creation of the state flag, The flag finally selected was the one created by the graphic designer Lucibel Sánchez, who won the contest on September 25, 2002, being decreed by the Governor of the State, Mr. Liborio Guarulla Garrido.

Colors And Elements Edit

Blue: represents the nobility, the immaterial, the justice, the majesty of courage, the beauty of its immensity and imposing horizons, the remoteness of the magical and mythical Amazonian landscapes, the radiance and grandeur of its clean sky, as well as the strength and fury of its abundance, originating in its murky waters (Orinoco, Casiquiare and Negro rivers)

Green: Represents the immense and inaccessible extensions of the jungles of the Amazonas State, as well as the enormous variety of its fauna and flora.

Red: Represent the blood, genetic richness of its various ethnic groups and cultural heritage of the State and the entire country.

Yellow: Symbolizes light and wealth, as well as emanation and exaltation of life. The State is very rich for its soil, its waters, its minerals, its fauna and its flora, within the framework of a healthy atmosphere and a splendid culture.

Brown: represents its large and abundant extensions of land, rich in minerals, which are the cause of the curious colors of its rivers, among which stand out its mystical Río Negro and the majestic Orinoco, which are two of its most precious natural resources.

Seven White Stars: Symbolizes the seven Municipalities of amazonas state.

The tepuy or hill Autana: which appears outlined in yellow, is a sign of its important geological and mythological heritage, which is a source of pride for its people, also having an unquestionable national and universal recognition. This element is also worthy representative of the immensity and peculiarity of its tepuis, mountains and rocks, which are also very ancient oil reservoirs.

The front face of a indigenous: red complexion and yellow hair, represents the aboriginal ethnic groups present in the State. 

The Map of Amazonas State in Venezuela: outlined in yellow and with a brown background, has a central location on the flag, thus expressing its greatness.

Flag Redesigns Edit

Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela
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