The Flag of Atlántico Department Is Official Since November 27, 1989, By Decree 589.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Atlántico department, the Departmental Assembly opened a contest to choose the official flag of the department through Ordinance 18 of November 21, 1985. The Evaluation Committee, in session on June 6, May 1986, he chose the design of Juan Orlando Correa.

The shape of the flag is that of a rectangle in the ratio of three high by five long divided into three longitudinal stripes of equal height, the upper and lower white, the central red. the ratio of the flag is 3:5.

White:  symbolizes the History, love and purity.

Red: symbolizes the battles that were fought by the founders of Atlántico and the colonizers who defended their lands.

Flag RedesignsEdit

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