The Flag of Barinas State Is Official Since December 10, 1997.

The Barinas State flag was created through a contest promoted by the State Legislative Assembly in which students from different educational levels and people in general participated.

The winning designers of the contest "A Flag for Barinas", were Fernando Daniel Pérez Castellano, born in this city, a student, at that time in the fifth grade of Basic Education of the School "Roberto Moreno Briceño" and the singer-songwriter and intellectual Liberteño Guillermo Jiménez Leal

Colors And Elements Edit

Sky Blue: Represents the bright sky and the people's hope

White:  reminds the immensity and the mist of the Andes mountain foot.

Red Box: represents the regional history, the warrior past of the state.

Yellow Figures: The Sun is a primary element in the symbology of the Venezuelan Plains and the seven rays represents the 7 provinces of captaincy general of venezuela for 1786, year the creation of the barinas province.

The Truncated Pyramid: t reveals the flat perspective of a way forward, in this case towards the Sun. The Junction of the Sun and the Pyramid evokes the image of the spike, which brings to the spirit, the presence of the Earth Flowering and Fruiting | The Palm: This element becomes representative of the symbolic ecology of Barinas, a feature that retains extensive tradition in oral and written literature in the region.

Green: symbolizes the "sabana" (the plain): the predominant landscape of the region.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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