The Flag of Bolívar State Is Official Since October 12, 2000.

On October 12, 2000, it was an auspicious date to raise the Bolívar State Flag for the first time, designed by the master of painting, Jesús Soto and which had been presented in 1995 at the time Governor Andrés Velásquez. The Regional Legislative Council, following the request of Governor Antonio Rojas Suárez, resumed the discussion of the draft reform of the respective Law that included it and approved it. Then in a special session in the Plaza Bolívar, the President of the Chamber made a formal delivery to the Governor for the Execution of the Partial Reform of the Coat of Arms, Seal, Anthem and Symbols Law of the Bolívar State. Act that was fulfilled at the same time that the Flag was raised at the beat of the State Anthem.

Flag consists of a yellow field with a green circle in the center and three blue fringes superimposed, with eight five pointed and white stars placed in the central fringe and the Coat of Arms of the State on the right superior corner near the staff.

Colors and Elements Edit

Yellow: Represent the auriferous and mineral wealth of the region

Green Circumference: Represent the the forest that surrounds.

Three Blue Stripes: Represent the rivers that are plentiful there.

Eight White Stars in the middle strip: Represent the seven representatives of the seven provinces that together declared the Independence of Venezuela, and the eighth decreed by Supreme Chief Simón Bolívar on November 20, 1817 to honor the Province of Guayana.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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