The Flag of Boyacá Department Is Official by Ordinance No. 47, 1967 and Decrees No. 218 and 495, 1968, And Modified by Ordinance 008, of June 5, 2008.

The Boyacá Flag is made up of five horizontal stripes. The stripes belonging to the upper and lower extremes are green, each occupies one sixth of the flag and signify the faith, devotion to service, respect and hope of the people of Boyacá, as well as symbolizing the fertility of the countryside. the emerald green of the earth.

The stripes near the central strip (the second and the fourth) are white, each occupies a sixth of the flag and signify the love of the people of Boyacá for their Department, and their seriousness and dedication, decisive virtues to maintain the Boyacá unit.

The red stripe occupies a third of the flag and symbolizes the blood of those who sacrificed their lives during Colombian Civil Wars, (oak leaf has been added since 2008).

Flag RedesignsEdit

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