The Flag of Carabobo State State Is Official Since December 14, 1995. Modified on March 10, 2006 and readopted de iure in June 21, 2010.

The author of the Carabobo State Flag is Conchita Zamora Mota who won the concourse which was organized to design the flag in 1995.

Colors and Elements[edit | edit source]

Purple Red or Red Wine (PMS 1805 CV 100%): Represents the blood that soldiers shed on both sides in the field of the Battle of Carabobo.

Blue (PMS 274 CV 100%): Represents the It represents the importance of Carabobo as a state with access to the sea, since in that jurisdiction is the city of Puerto Cabello, the valencia lake, and e the rivers and reservoirs that make up the state.

Yellow Sun (PMS Yellow CV 100%): The bright sun justified to the right of the flag comes to represent the light that conquers the shadows.

Green Line (PMS 3415 CV 100%): Represent the the large capacity of agricultural and livestock production and the enormous ecological potential of Carabobo State characterized in its western valleys, its countryside and mountains.

Gray Arch (PMS 443 CV 100%): Represent the arch of carabobo structure that was inaugurated on June 24, 1921.

2006-2010 Flag[edit | edit source]

Flag Of Carabobo State 2006-2010.png

on 12 March 2006, the Secretary of Education Sarina Cascone presented the new flag of the State of Carabobo in the Fine Arts School "Arturo Michelena", Valencia. Some 1,500 proposals were designed by students and children from the State of Carabobo. Among them, the winners are Jeniffer Lugo (Juan José Mora), Reidy Sandoval (Montalbán), Hermes Castellanos (Montalbán), Eucaris Torres (Valencia), Luis Zambrano (Bejuma) and Chantal Castro (aged 4!). The new flag was designed on the basis of these winning proposals. The new flag has a larger upper purple stripe whereas the lower purple stripe has been reduced. The Arch of Carabobo has been made larger and the sun yellow rays are curved. The colour of the sun center is Orange. the flag It was abandoned in 2008 in favor of the 1995 flag and repealed on june 21, 2010 when they readopt the previous flag.

Flag Redesigns[edit | edit source]

Subdivisions[edit | edit source]

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