The flag of Chechnya is a rectangle with sides in the ratio 2:3, the same ratio as the flag of the Russian Federation. The flag is composed of three horizontal bars of, from top to bottom: green, representing Islam; white; and red; superimposed on them is a narrow vertical white band at the hoist, containing the national ornament, a design of four golden scroll shapes. The horizontal bars are in the proportions 4:1:3.

This flag, introduced in 2004, is primarily used by the government of Chechnya while the independentist flags are commonly used by opposition forces.

The national flag of the Chechen Republic is a rectangular panel of three horizontal stripes: the top - green - 65 cm, the middle - white - 10 cm and the bottom - red - 35 cm; the flagpole has a vertical white stripe with a Chechen national ornament 15 cm wide. The flag is framed by a gold fringe along the entire contour. The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is 2: 3.

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