The Flag of Cojedes State Is Official Since April 3, 1997.

The Cojedes State flag was designed by the Professor Pedro Gramcko and it was approved on April 3rd, 1997 by the Special Commission designated to the effects by Mr. Alberto Galíndez, Governor of the State, by means of the Decree N° 300 on February 28th,1997.

Colors Edit

Orange: occupied 4/6 parts of the field, is a combination of the values represented by the colors yellow and red: the region ground richness, the purity, the people faith, the constancy, the strength, the courage, the valor and the intrepidity of the heroes which leaked their blood on these land and the historical facts that happens there.

Blue Circle: Represents the realism, greatness and beauty.

Yellow Sun: recalls the epic feat of the Battle of Taguanes in 1813, the baptism of fire of Bolivar and the preparations for the 2nd Battle of Carabobo in 1821.

Black: occupied 1/6 part under the orange stripe and symbolizes the ferreous temper of the metal, the science, the industry and the fortitude ald labour the ancestors. It also represents too the tenacity and spiritual values of the people and besides, their effort for the conservation and multiplication of the natural wealth of the state

Blue: complete the remaining sixth Represents the water in a time of abundance alluding to the generosity of the state's water sources.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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