For the US state, see Florida.

The Flag of Florida, Uruguay, consists of a white background, which represents purity, freedom and integrity.

On this background, 2 horizontal red stripes and one vertical are added. The thickest horizontal stripe is 1/4 the height of the cloth and is located 1/8 the top of the cloth. The second horizontal strip is 1/20 of the total height and is 1/40 below the previous strip. The vertical strip is equal to the first horizontal strip, but located vertically. It is located 1/8 of the width of the flag, placing it on the left margin. The red color symbolizes strength and courage, while the rectilinear characters of them represent firmness. At the intersection of the wide stripes is the Florida shield.

The flag was created by María E. Echeverria Duro, winner of a contest. It was made official on September 6, 1990.

Flag RedesignsEdit

Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
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