The flag of the state of Hidalgo is, like most current Mexican state flags, the coat of arms centred on a white field.

The coat of arms was designed by Diego Rivera in 1922 and conceived by José Vasconcelos. The shield is horizontally divided into two parts. The top section shows a mountain which represents the mountains of Hidalgo as well as its mines. To the left of the mountain is a bronze bell, which symbolizes the Grito of Dolores, which proclaimed the independence. On its left is a red Phrygian cap with laurel branches, both symbols of freedom and victory, obtained in 1821. The lower field shows a war drum, which symbolizes the three most important social movements of Mexico: Independence, Reform and Revolution.

The supporters of the coat of arms are two crossed flags. The flag on the dexter side shows the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (which symbolizes the independence of Mexico, because Father Hidalgo used a similar one when he started the insurgency), on a blue field. On the sinister side is the national flag of Mexico.

Proposals for new flag of Hidalgo[edit | edit source]

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