The Flag of La Guaira State (Previously Vargas) is the sun-stars-cuatricolor design designed by Gual and Espana in 1797 for their conspirative movement . It was elected as such because the bicentennial of the conspiracy was celebrated in 1997 and because the movement itself originated in Macuto, a town in La Guaira State, It has two horizontal stripes: on the white one, the image of a sun that symbolizes the country appears; in the blue, with a third of the height of the previous one, there are four five-pointed stars that represent the four provinces in which the General Captaincy of Venezuela (Cumana, Guayana, Maracaibo and Caracas) was divided. The four vertical stripes, yellow, red, white and blue, represent the four main ethnic groups that make up the Venezuelan population (white, brown, black and Indigenous).

Flag RedesignsEdit

Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela
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