The Flag of Lara State Is Official Since December 8, 2000

The flag was product of a concourse organized in year 2000 by the Legislative Council of the Lara State, whose winner was the Prof. Víctor Jose Parra Ortiz, Its heraldic composition is as follows: It is a rectangle, with a 3: 2 ratio, divided into two strips. The first, twice the second, in gules field (red), with a setting sun from the line that divides the strip. With rays of three parallel stripes, two yellow, and in the center of them, one of silver, which splits the field 13 times.

Colors: Edit

Red: Represents the greatness, courage, and passion.

White and Yellow: Represents the riches, strength, and the faith of the people.

Green: Represents the abundance and productivity of the land.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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