On 1 January 1979 the flag of the new state was created according to a design of Mauro Michael Munhoz, who attempted to symbolize balance, force and serenity by a gilded star (the State) in the sky. The white stripe symbolizes hope; the green symbolizes the vegetation and manifests conscience by the preservation of natural wealth. 

Mato Grosso do Sul became a state on 1 January 1979 and the very first thing they did (article 1 of decree no. 1 implementing decree-law no. 1) was to adopt a flag. The construction is described in the decree as "A rectangle with the proportions of 10 units of length by 7 units of height. From the lower left corner arises, at a 45º angle, a white stripe two units wide. In the area above this stripe, the rectangle is filled with green, while below it the color is blue. In the lower right corner is a golden five-pointed star."

Flag ProposalsEdit

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