The Actual Flag of Miranda state Is Official Since July 27, 2006

The Flag - Attributes and Semiology: Consist the colors black, red and yellow, The six five-pointed and white stars disposed in arc on the red stripe, The sun on the canton the warm coast and beaches of the entity whilst the cocoa branches represents the agricultural riches of its ground, all reaffirmed with the motto “LIBERTAD O MUERTE” (“Freedom or Death”)

Colors Edit

Black: represents Black people.

Red: alludes to Brown population.

Stars: remember its six sub-regions: Altos Mirandinos, Valles del Tuy (Tuy valleys), Sucre, Área Metropolitana (Metropolitan Area), Guarenas Guatire and Barlovento.

Yellow: reminds the aboriginal people of the State.

Previous Flag Edit

Flag of Miranda State (1996-2006)

the Previous Flag is Official Since November 21, 1996 to July 27, 2006, It was product of a contest called "Una bandera para Miranda de y para los dueños del futuro" ("A flag for Miranda State from and for the owners of the future") organized and realized thanks to participation of a Qualified Jury designed to the effects by Governor Enrique Mendoza D'Ascoli by means of Decree Nº 0093 dated on April 12th, 1996. The design which result unanimously approved was made by Miss Sharon Joan Filizzola Colantonio and entered in force by means of Decree Nº 635 emitted by Government of Miranda State on November 21st, 1996 and ratified by the Legislative Assembly by the "Law of Flag, Coat of Arms, Anthem and Seal of Miranda State" published on Extraordinary Official Bulletin dated on November 29th, 1996.

Consist in a field with approximated ratio 2:3; this is, square and half of length. Its field is divided in two horizontal and equivalent stripes: the blue (superior) represents the "Tuy", the most important river of the State, whilst the green one (inferior) symbolizes the fertile grounds of the region. The raising sun reminds the warms coast and beaches of the entity and the cocoa branches represents the agricultural riches of its ground.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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