The flag of the state of Nayarit is, like most current Mexican state flags, the coat of arms centered on a white field.

The coat of arms of Nayarit is divided in three sections:

  • The dexter field is red and charged with a corn plant with golden cobs, known as Tepitl, a corn variety which is produced in the region and harvested in only 50 days.
  • The yellow section in sinister shows a bow and arrow, which symbolize King Nayar, who was the governor of the Cora people in the year 1500. He protected his people from the Spaniards with bow + arrow.
  • The base of the shield is blue and shows Sangangüey Hill, an extinct volcano in the suburbs of Tepic.

The shield has an inescutcheon which consists of a white-bordered purple shield charged with an image of the Eagle of Aztlan. On the white border, there are seven footprints, symbolizing the pilgrimage of the seven Nahua tribes from Aztlan to Tenochtitlan. According to legend, they saw an eagle eating a snake on a Cactus tree, and they were instructed to build their city there.

Proposals for new flag of NayaritEdit

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