The flag of New South Wales was developed as a colonial flag. It is currently the third official design. Numerous unofficial flags were used before the adoption of any official flags or ensigns, most notably the New South Wales Ensign. (Also known as the Federation Flag)

The flag consists of a British Blue Ensign with the State Badge added to the field. The badge consists of St. George’s Cross over a white disk, with yellow-coloured stars on each extending arm and a yellow lion superimposed over the center.

While no official explanation was given for its design, the stars on the cross are believed to be representative of the Southern Cross, and the lion represents the Governor’s royal authority.

Historical Flags[edit | edit source]

As a result of the Colonial Naval Defence Act in 1865, New South Wales adopted its first naval ensign in 1867. It was made of a defaced British Blue Ensign with the white letters “NSW.”

The second colonial flag was officially adopted on April 20, 1870, utilizing the Governor’s Badge. This design was nearly identical to Victoria’s flag, with the exception of gold-coloured stars and some minor differences in their points and directions.

Flag proposals[edit | edit source]

States & mainland territories

External territories

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