The national flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is known as the Ramhongsaek Konghwagugki, which translates to mean “red colored flag of the republic.” The North Korean flag's prominent motif is a red star, which is synonymous with communism and/or socialism, although since the flag's adoption of the socialist inspired philosophy of Juche has replaced communist authority as the state's principal ideology, and any references to communism has since been removed, but its characteristics are nonetheless present in the North Korean constitution. The flag features a wide red stripe down the center which is said to represent the revolutionary traditions of the nation. On either side of the red stripe are thin white stripes, which represent purity. There are also two blue stripes which are said to symbolize unity. However, other groups have stated that the symbols and colors of the flag mean different things. For example, the Korean Friendship Association says that the star represents revolutionary traditions and the stripes are said to symbolize patriotism, determination, ethnic purity and unity of the nation.

Historical Flags Edit

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