The Flag of Nueva Esparta (New Sparta) State Is Official Since August 7, 1998

According to Decree No. 816, the Flag of the Nueva Esparta (New Sparta) State, whose author was Juan Carlos Velaz, where said plan is divided into three horizontal bars associating the Caribbean Sea, the Island and the Sky; three stars representing the three Islands that make up the Nueva Esparta state, half a white circle located in the optical center of the plane that symbolizes the unity and purity of the state

Colors[edit | edit source]

Yellow: The Tropical Sky, and charges a white half circle off-centered to the fly which symbolizes the Unity and the Purity of the New Sparta State.

Green: represents the life, the vegetation and the ground and shows three five-pointed and white stars which symbolizes the Islands of Margarita, Coche and Cubagua that conform Nueva Esparta State

Blue: The Caribbean Sea and the depth.

White: spirituality and purity.

Flag Redesigns[edit | edit source]

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