The Flag of Portuguesa State Is Official Since July 25, 1996.

It was designed by Professor and plastic artist Pastor García, who won an open competition called by the State Government, which was formalized through Decree No. 305 dated: July 25, 1996

The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes: First or upper blue, a central white line and the lower green line the lower and has a sun in the upper quarter.

Colors And Elements Edit

Blue: It is the widest of all, it represents the celestial vault of the sky as a spiritual reference of the people in his human dimension.

White: represents the pristine purity, the harmony where the material world and the spiritual world unite for the noblest purposes

Green: represents the exuberant natural and agricultural wealth of the State, setting for the effort and work of the inhabitants.

Yellow And White Sun: it appears in the blue strip at the upper end and is the symbol of power, wealth, dynamism and generosity, inspired by the geometric figure of aboriginal art, which represents the historical continuity of the region's settlement; It is the creative energy of its inhabitants as a living force that guarantees faith in the future.

Flag proposals Edit

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