The flag of Rondônia was selected in a contest, won by the proposal of Silvio Carvalho Feitosa. The flag symbolizes the state (the star) shining in the sky (the blue) of Brazil (represented by the yellow and green).

The flag of Rondônia was instituted by decree-law no. 7 of 31 December 1981. It is intended as an artistic representation of the state (the star) as seen rising on the horizon by an observer standing on the state's frontier and facing east. The area below the star is the highway to the future (the horizon that is never reached), paved in green (the color of hope). The flag is 14 units hoist by 20 units fly. The upper half of the field is blue. A regular white five-pointed star is inscribed within an imaginary circle 3.5 units in radius, the center of which is vertical centerline and 1.35 units above the horizontal centerline. The area delineated by two diagonal lines from the lower corners of the rectangle to the lower points of the star, meeting at the lower inner angle of the star, is green. The other portions of the lower half of the flag to the left and right of the star are yellow.

Flag ProposalsEdit

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