The flag of the state of Sinaloa is, like most current Mexican state flags, the coat of arms centred on a white field.

The shield of Sinaloa consists of an oval-shaped pitaya divided into four sections which each represent a city of the State. The upper dexter section represents Culiacán, the upper sinister section represents El Fuerte, the lower dexter section represents El Rosario and the lower sinister section represents Mazatlán. The pitaya also includes its characteristic thorns; human footprints which symbolize the pilgrimage of the people of Aztlan on its way to Tenochtitlan; and the text Sinaloa 1831.

The eagle on top of it resembles the shield used when Sinaloa and Sonora were a Estado de Occidente between 1821 and 1831.

Proposals for new flag of SinaloaEdit

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