The flag of South Carolina is blue and charged with a white crescent in the canton and a silhouette of a palmetto tree in the center. It is based on the 1775 Moultrie Flag, which consisted of a white crescent with the word "Liberty" in the canton of a blue field.

Before 1861, South Carolina did not have a state flag. When the state seceded from the Union, they adopted the red Secession Flag, where it reflects the Confederate Battle Flag. Many proposed Confederate flags were based on the Secession Flag.

In 1861, South Carolina government decided to change their year-old flag to a more subtle design. This flag had a dark blue, indigo, or purple background. The current design of the South Carolina flag is still disputed. Though the color has been narrowed to only a small array of indigos and blues. The tree is even more disputed, as the law states nothing about what the palm tree must look like, only that it must be a palm tree.

Proposals for a New Flag of South Carolina[edit | edit source]

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