The Flag of Sucre State Is Official Since November 24, 1965 and modified in 2002.

Sucre's flag was the first State flag made official in Venezuela: created by Mr. Oscar Prieto Ruíz and approved on November 24th, 1965 by the Legislative Assembly by means of the Law of Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem of Sucre State, it was ratified by the Legislative Assembly and hoisted for the first time on February 3rd, 1966.

Colors And Elements[edit | edit source]

White: symbolizes the loyalty and purity of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho Antonio José de Sucre and the salt which carries on its upper part the coat of arms of the State

Sky Blue: represents the salty waters that surround the state that also in the lower one there are 15 stars, that is, the 15 municipalities of the state (10 at the time of creation of the flag)

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

Flag redesigns[edit | edit source]

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