The Flag of Táchira State Is Official Since July 30, 1997.

presented in the project that was selected by the state legislative assembly on July 30, 1997. The flag was presented by the state governor to the authorities and the people of Táchira on December 10, 1997. the Author is Mario Díaz Hernández.

Colors And Elements Edit

Yellow: symbolizes the science and wisdom of the people; It also symbolizes light and wealth.

Black: It symbolizes the vicissitudes and difficulties overcome by the people throughout its history. The black symbolizes the oil that as such was exploited for the first time; on the site as Alquitrana in 1878 and the Coal.

The Four Stars In the Middle Represents The 4 Cantons of Province Of Tachira at the time of its creation the march 14, 1856, under them two branches of coffee, fundamental item.

Red: Represents the courage, capacity and integrity.

Flag RedesignsEdit

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