The {{File information}} template presents necessary file information such as source and licensing, and some more fields, in table form. To use it, copy the following code, paste in either the file page's edit screen or the "File information" field of Special:Upload or the "Upload image" sidebar button, and fill in the file information after each equals sign:

{{File information

See Vexillology Wiki:Images for the guidelines on uploading files.


  • description should briefly describe the nature of the file; what entity it represents (for flags and emblems) and who made it (for proposed and other non-official flags). You can use a format such as "Proposed flag for [[XXX]] by YYY." for proposed flags, and "Current flag of [[XXX]]." for current flags. (required)
  • details can be used for flag proposals to describe the design of the flag, as well as its symbolism. Alternatively, you can use your own user page (here is yours) or a subpage of it for the design and symbolism and link to it from this field (e.g. "See [[User:Username/Proposals/XXX]]"), or link to the original source of the flag.
    This field should not be filled in for current or historical official flags; the design and symbolism of such flags should be explained in the prose of the corresponding article.
  • date should be the date of original publication of the file. If not published earlier, use the date of upload (the code {{subst:#time:j F Y}} will automatically insert the current date). Multiple relevant dates can be provided.
  • source should be the place you got the file from, such as the website URL for files from the Internet. Use the text "Own work" or the template {{self}} if you created it yourself. For files from Wikimedia Commons, use {{Commons|CommonsFileName.ext}}. (required)
  • licensing should be a valid license tag, such as {{PD}} for public domain, {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}} for Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0 or {{permission}} for non-free files uploaded with permission from the author. See Category:Licensing templates for a full list. CC-BY-SA-3.0 is the standard license for content on this wiki. (required)

Optional fields will be omitted if not filled in. Required fields will give a red error message if not filled in.

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