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Template:Flag produces a small flag icon with the country name next to it.


  • {{flag|Brazil}} Brazil
  • {{flag|UK}} UK

Subnational flags

The template defaults to "Flag of <article name>.svg" for the image name, but has a list of special cases for countries and entities that don't follow this format, and for alternative names.

To make the template more manageable, special cases for flags of provinces, states etc. are listed on separate subpages of this template. Use the |country= parameter to access subnational flags of a country:

  • {{flag|country=Brazil|Acre}} (or {{flag|Acre|country=Brazil}}) → Acre

For conciseness, redirects to these subtemplates using each country's two-letter code exist; see the subtemplates or check a template's WhatLinksHere to find them. The subtemplates can also be called directly instead of writing the parameter. These are all equivalent to the above:

  • {{flag|country=BR|Acre}} Acre
  • {{flag/Brazil|Acre}} Acre
  • {{flag/BR|Acre}} Acre

Many subnational flags will still work without the parameter or subpage, if the filename follows the above format, but special cases won't be checked without it. If a flag does not display correctly, a custom image name can always be specified (see below).

Other parameters

Change the link text with the second parameter. If not provided, the first parameter is used, removing any text in parentheses at the end. Set the second parameter to nothing for an icon without text.

  • {{flag/VE|La Guaira (State)}} La Guaira
  • {{flag/VE|La Guaira (State)|Vargas}} Vargas
  • {{flag/VE|La Guaira (State)|}}

The link itself can be changed with |link=:

  • {{flag/US|Rhode Island|link=Rhode Island/Proposals}} Rhode Island

Change the image with the |image= parameter, or its size with the |size= parameter:

  • {{flag/US|Oregon}} Oregon
  • {{flag/US|Oregon|image=Flag of Oregon -reverse-.svg}} Oregon
  • {{flag/US|Oregon|size=50px}} Oregon
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