This template is used to add an image as icon. By default, the image includes a border and links to the image page. The default dimensions of an icon are 22x18px.

Usage examples

Standard usage
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png}}Flag of Texas.png
{{icon|File:Flag of Texas.png}}Flag of Texas.png
No border (slightly larger image to compensate)
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|border=}}Flag of Texas.png
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|link=}}Flag of Texas.png
Custom link
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|link=Texas}}Flag of Texas.png
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|size=30x24px}}Flag of Texas.png
Mouseover text
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|Flag of Texas}}Flag of Texas
Image placeholder (uses unlinked and unbordered transparent image)
Non-decorative flag image (removes the "icon" class to avoid the image being hidden if the code below is used)
{{icon|Flag of Texas.png|dec=}}Flag of Texas.png

Removing icons from display

If you have a Wikia account, you can make icons created with this template not display by copying the following into Special:MyPage/wikia.css (or Special:MyPage/monobook.css if you use the Monobook skin):

.icon {display:none;}
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