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{{Infobox flag
|name = Example
|image = Example.svg
|caption = Flag of Example

See Help:Infobox for general information on infoboxes, and the section below for all possible parameters. Filled-in examples for this infobox can be found on pages using it.

Full list of parameters

Any parameter may be omitted if not applicable, unnecessary or unknown.

Name and header

  • name: Name of the entity, used as the header of the infobox as well as in the default captions and links. Defaults to the article title.
  • article: Set to "the" to add the definite article in default captions and links; i.e. "Flag of the X" instead of "Flag of X". See United States Virgin Islands for an example.

Part of

  • country: For country subdivisions, the sovereign state the entity is a part of or a territory of. This automatically adds a flag icon, and requires just the country name without any other text.
  • country text: Equivalent to country, but without the automatic flag icon, allowing additional notes or custom text. |country = France is equivalent to |country text = {{flag|France}}.
  • state: For lower-level subdivisions and cities, the state or other first-level subdivision the entity is a part of. Automatically adds a flag icon, as above. See New York City for an example.
  • state text: Same as "state", but for custom text, as above.
  • state label: Changes the label text for the "state" field, for other types of first-level subdivisions (e.g. "Province", "Region").

Main flag

  • image: Flag image name.
  • caption: Flag image caption. Defaults to "Flag of [article] [name]".
  • alt: Alt text for the image. Defaults to the caption.
  • designer: Flag designer.
  • adoption: Date of adoption.

Second and third flags

  • As above, but using image2, caption2, alt2, designer2 and adoption2 for the second flag, and image3 etc. for the third. The captions default to "Variant flag of [article] [name]".

NAVA score (for North American flags)

  • NAVA score: Score in the 2001 NAVA survey (for states/provinces).
  • NAVA rank: Rank in the 2001 NAVA survey (ordinal number, e.g. 1st, 2nd).
  • NAVA city score: Score in the 2004 NAVA survey (for cities).
  • NAVA city rank: Rank in the 2004 NAVA survey (ordinal number).
  • Use NAVA score2 etc. if the flag at the time of the survey is not the main image (e.g., the flag has been changed since).

External links

  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia flag article name. Defaults to "Flag of [article] [name]". Set to nothing to omit the link entirely.
  • Wikipedia lang: Language code of the Wikipedia article (e.g. "fr", "es"). Not necessary for the English Wikipedia.
  • FotW: Flags of the World page identifier (the code between "/flags/" and ".html" in the URL); e.g. "us".

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