• Im new to the wiki and i want to start editing and creating pages, but i don't understand the Wikipedia licensing and i want to create a page

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    • You mean the "This page uses Creative Commons licensed content from Wikipedia." template at the top? That's just a notice that the text in the lead section has been copied from Wikipedia, as their content is free to reuse if attribution is given (which the template provides). It doesn't mean all of this wiki's text (or indeed its images, which are mostly original content or found elsewhere) has to come from there, though.

      What is the specific issue you are having? Is it the editing or page creation itself, or the use of the {{Wikipedia}} template?

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    • yes the use of the wikipedia template

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    • Are you using the visual editor or the source code editor?

      In the source editor, type {{wikipedia|page name}}, replacing "page name" with the Wikipedia article name.

      In the visual editor, go to Insert → Template, choose the "Wikipedia" template, and insert the Wikipedia page name in the "1" field (i.e., the first unnamed parameter).

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    • Unregistered user
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