• Can I get assistance in deleting a flag proposal I uploaded under the North Carolina page?  The image is located here:  

    This is a flag proposal I am using for the state of Georgia.  I have already uploaded it here:

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    • I removed the file from the North Carolina article, and deleted it as well as a redirect to it. Just renaming the file would have been easier, though.

      Also, please don't use Category:United States and Category:United States state for your files; using the former is redundant because the state-specific categories are subcategories of it, and the latter is intended to contain articles only.

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    • First of all, thanks for the assist.

      I did not realize simply renaming it would remove it from the North Carolina article, and move it to Georgia.  I'll try to read up on it more fully this evening.

      As to the redundant catagories, I understand completely.  Did that for the last two or three flags I uploaded.  I'll go back to just tagging them to the state itself, and my name (motx72) only.

      Again, your assistance is much appreciated.  BTW, keep up your flag designs.  You definitely have some of the more simpler designs needed so badly - - especially amongst state flags!

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    • Removing the file from North Carolina and adding it to Georgia would need to be done separately either way (sorry if I implied that would happen automatically). What a rename would do is save the trouble of re-uploading the file, preserve the original upload log and page history, and since a redirect is created at the original location by default, any pages that should continue using the file would not need to be updated directly.

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