• Dear Hans,

    I finished making flags for all of the fifty US states - you may have noticed. I don't know where or how to push my proposals, I just design them and then publish them here.

    I know there are a lot of US city flags which could really do with a makeover, but I don't find any category or pages for that in this wiki. (I did publish some proposals for NYC under New York, since that was the best I could think of.) Could we make a category "US City", or is there some reason not to? Also, can I add a page for a city I would like to tackle myself, or is there another way to do that?

    Greetings, Qaz.

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    • Feel free to make articles and categories for cities or other entities you've made flags for (within scope). An article is not required to upload designs (I have loads that are just on user subpages), but you're welcome to create some pages for US cities.

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    • Thank you. Also, thumbs up for the new page on the NAVA 2004 survey!

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    • I now understand that the page already existed, but that you had added the link for Bridgeport. I have followed your example for Hartford. :-)

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