The following are the substantive parts of the state flag law, law no 094/89 of 17 November 1989, and the state's official interpretation as transcribed on Art. 2 - The flag of the State of Tocantins will have the following geometric description: A rectangle with the proportions of 20 units of length [fly] by 14 of width [hoist]. In the upper left and lower right corners, two right triangles with legs of 13 (thirteen) and 9.1 (nine and one-tenth) units, in the colors blue and yellow respectively. [To clarify, the triangles are 13 units on the fly and 9.1 units on the hoist.] The white bend [sinister; Portuguese original says "barra"] resulting from this division is charged with a stylized yellow sun with 8 large points and 16 smaller points, four and 2.3 units of radius [respectively].The following "Justificatory Memorial" that apparently supported the original adoption of the flag (including the etymology of the word bandeira and noble sentiments about flags generally, which I omit) is quoted on the brasilrepublica page: The proposed flag represented here carries the message of a land "where the sun rises for all." The sun, of golden yellow, sending forth its rays upon the future of our state, is placed on a white bend, symbol of peace, between the fields of blue and yellow, colors that express respectively the waters and the rich soil of Tocantins.


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