The Flag of Trujillo State Is Official Since November 18, 1994

In 1994, in the contest promoted by the Regional Executive to create the official flag of the Trujillo State, the design of Professor Manuel Núñez Gil, an intellectual native of the historic town of Santa Ana, where he still resides, was selected.

After the decision of the jury was adopted as the official flag by the Regional Government according to Decree No. 64-A dated November 18, 1994.

Colors Edit

Red: The red stripe has three meanings, the blood shed by the countrymen for the consolidation of the Nation, the decree of "War to Death" of June 15, 1813 and the life spent on creative and persevering work, whether material or intellectual

White: symbolizes the humanization of the terrible struggle, through the treaties of "Regularization of War and Armistice" made on November 25, 26 and 27, 1820, with the populations of Trujillo and Santa Ana as scenarios, and as an eternal invitation to seek peace and cultivate friendship, founded on justice.

Green Triangle: represents the greenery of the countryside and our plains and points out how hard our wealth is in agriculture, in its center a white star of five rays in peak like those of the National Flag, and inside the star the silhouette of a dove.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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