The national flag of the Republic of Turkey derived from its days when it was known as the Ottoman Empire, going as far back as the late 18th or early 19th century. The current flag made its debut in 1844 as the national flag of the Ottoman Empire. It takes the appearance white star and crescent moon on a red background. According to legend, the crescent and star symbol came to the eponymous founder of the Ottoman house, Osman I, in the form of a dream, where he saw the moon rise from the breast from a qadi (judge) who had a daughter that Osman I desired. When the moon became full it went it Osman's breast where beautiful tree sprang from his loins and covered the entire world. Osman then saw the world surmounted by a crescent. Even though the iconographic symbol is known to represent the Ottoman Empire and/or the Republic of Turkey, it is more often than not used to symbolise Islam by extension.

Historical Flags Edit

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