The Flag of Tyumen Oblast Is Official Since May 11, 1995 And Modified in October 24, 2008.

The flag of the Tyumen Oblast is a rectangular panel with a ratio of width to length of 2: 3, consisting of horizontal stripes of the same width - white, blue and green, bearing a red isosceles triangle at the flagpole with a height of 1/4 of the length of the panel, the base of which coincides with the edge of the flagpole; on the blue strip there is an image of three yellow crowns of a special kind (about four visible teeth, of which two middle teeth are bifurcated; all ends of the teeth are rounded), one next to the other.

the original version was a rectangular panel of three horizontal stripes of equal width: the upper — white, middle — blue and lower green, with a red isosceles triangle overlapping on the left side (from the flagpole) ... ", and on the blue there are three emblems in the form of stylized yellow deer horns, which are often used in the national ornaments of the northern peoples.The emblems symbolize the Tyumen region itself and its autonomous okrugs :. KhantyMansiysk and Nenets extreme left crown is exactly the same emblem crown region (i.e., white with a fine gold kaomkoy).

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