The Flag of Udmurtia is one of the official state symbols of Udmurtia. The proportion of width and length of the flag is 1:2. It is a rectangular three-color cloth consisting of vertical equal stripes of black, white and red (from left to right) with an eight-pointed red cross. The black colour in the flag is a symbol of the earth and stability, red means the sun and life and white means a space and moral purity. The designer of the flag of the Udmurt Republic was Y. Lobanov. The appropriate law N26-РЗ "On the National Flag of the Udmurt Republic" appeared on April 30, 2002.


The cross/star symbol represents the solar sign, a protective symbol that according to folklore protects man from misfortunes. The cross does not overlap the black and red stripes, and its size is such that it fits within a square whose side is equal to 5/6 of the width of one of the vertical stripes of the flag. The width of the vertical and horizontal cross-bars of the solar sign is equal to one third of the side of this imaginary square. Each arm ends with two symmetrical teeth, the internal sides of which form a 90 degree angle where they meet, a vertex deepened towards the center of the sign at 1/2 arm width.


As the Udmurt ASSREdit

The first flag of the Udmurt ASSR was described in the first Constitution of the Udmurt ASSR, which was adopted by the Central Executive Committee of the Udmurt ASSR on 14 March 1937, at the 2nd Extraordinary Congress of Soviets of the Udmurt ASSR. The flag was similar to the flag of the Russian SFSR at that time. The flag was a red flag, with the yellow inscription "RSFSR" in the left corner of the flag, and the inscription "Udmurt A.S.S.R." in Russian and Udmurt.

Decree on the Flag of the Udmurt ASSR, approved on 29 March 1954.

On March 29, 1954, by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Udmurt ASSR, a new state flag of the Udmurt ASSR was adopted, which was approved by the Law of the Udmurt ASSR of July 8, 1954. The flag is still similar with the flag of the RSFSR. The flag had a length-to-width ratio of one to two (1:2). The flag was a red flag, with a light-blue stripe at the pole extending all the height which constitutes ​18 length of the flag. In the upper corner of the flag, there was a hammer and sickle. Below the hammer and sickle were the letters “УАССР” in yellow.

The inscriptions changed after the adoption of a new constitution on May 31, 1978. The inscription “УАССР” was changed with the inscription "Udmurt ASSR" in Russian and Udmurt languages.

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