The Acutal Flag of Ulyanovsk Oblast Is Official Since December 26, 2013.

The flag of the Ulyanovsk oblast is a two-sided rectangular blue panel with a ratio of the width of the flag of the Ulyanovsk region to its length 2: 3, with a white column reproduced in the center with a curly cap and base on a pedestal crowned with the Imperial crown, executed in yellow, white and purple, with blue tapes extending to the sides. The total height of the flag composition of the Ulyanovsk region is 9/10 of the width of the banner. The flag of the Ulyanovsk Region is based on the image of the coat of arms of the Ulyanovsk Oblast and corresponds to its heraldic description.

Previous FlagEdit

The Previous Flag of Ulyanovsk Oblast It was Official Since February 26, 2004 to December 26, 2013.

The Previous Flag was a rectangular white cloth with a ratio of the length of the flag to its width 3: 2. At the top of the flag is a white field, occupying 2/3 of its width. The emblem of the Ulyanovsk region is depicted on a white field in the center. At the bottom of the flag along the entire length are a double blue (blue, azure) wavy strip and a red strip separated from the blue narrow white strip.

Until January 1, 2016, a transitional period is established during which the use of the Previous flag of the Ulyanovsk Oblast is allowed.

Flag RedesignsEdit

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