New South Wales

These flags for New South Wales contrast the current ensign's royal blue against a lighter sky blue (the state colour). All but the first proposal feature a stylised watarah, the state flower (specifically the depiction in the current government logo).


Queensland's symbol is a crown on a Maltese cross, which I placed on a field of the state colour of maroon. #2 and #3 reference the nickname "Sunshine State" (which the state shares with Florida and formerly South Dakota in the US) by golden rays.

South Australia

SA's state colours are red, gold and blue. #1 is a bicolour charged with the state badge (which features the piping shrike), bearing a similarity to the Australian Aboriginal flag; #3 instead uses a diagonal triband. #2 is based on SA's floral emblem, Sturt's desert pea, which has a black center and two red petals.


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Nineteenth-place entry in /r/vexillology's celebratory 100th contest, in which designers revisited the subjects of the previous 99. I had had the idea of the stylised map/animal head since November 2014, but failed to make a good flag with it until (fittingly, given the theme of revisiting things) reusing the symbol for a new design for this contest.

Like other Australian state flags, the current flag of Tasmania is a British Blue Ensign. This redesign uses the state colours of bottle green, maroon and yellow; the waves are based on the state coat of arms. The arrowhead symbol stylises the shape of the main island as well as vaguely resembling a silhouette of the head of the state animal, the Tasmanian devil.


Based on the current flag's Southern Cross and St. Edward's Crown and the state colours of blue and white; #1 and #3 also incorporate the downward-pointing triangle used in the state's branding, presumably symbolising the initial "V".

Western Australia

Basically a banner of arms in the state colours, I took the black swan from the state badge and added the waves.

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