While the current flag of Alaska is far from the worst US state flag, the solid blue background did bother me. I tried adding a white triangle in the bottom half of the flag, representing Alaska's mountains, volcanoes and ice. I rearranged the stars so Polaris is horizontally centered and the Big Dipper is in the canton.

The second version of my proposal included blue and red triangles in addition to the white triangle, which more clearly visualize the above symbolism. The triangles also form the Russian tricolor, symbolizing Alaska's history as part of Russia (maybe too prominently).


The several completely new flags I made for Arizona didn't really look better than the current flag, so the displayed proposal is just a modification of the existing flag with regard to the contrast between the parts. I switched the colors of the sunrays, added a red border to the star, and used a single copper-like shade of gold for both the star and the background. A second version uses a blue circle, unintentionally similar to Achaley's red one.


This proposal for California combines the white and red stripes and star from the current flag with the official state colors of blue and gold (California must be the only state whose current flag uses none of the state colors). An earlier version was a simplification of the current flag with a silhouette of the bear and without lettering, similar to several other proposals.


The yellow and white stripes on my first proposed flag for Montana represent the state's motto, Oro y Plata ("Gold and Silver"). The bars and star together form the letter "M".

Two additional flag proposals from January 2015 consist of thin yellow and white horizontal lines on blue. The yellow one forms an "M" as well as a set of mountains, similar to several other proposals; the white stripe is straight.


My original proposals for Nevada each incorporated a right trapezoid resembling the state's shape. The displayed proposal instead visualizes the state's indirect etymology as "snowy/snow-covered mountains" by a blue and white bicolor with a counterchanged white-silver triangle. The mountain is silver-colored so both of Nevada's official state colors, blue and silver, are included; additionally, Nevada's nickname is the "Silver State".


While blue and gold are the state colors of Oregon (and of about eight other states), I think green should be included on a new state flag. Of my uploaded proposals, the first is green with a gold-fimbriated blue stripe at the hoist, representing the state's Pacific coast, and a beaver, the state animal and nickname. The other four use a hexagonal gold stripe, which symbolizes the beaver by resembling a gnawed-off tree trunk and was inspired by AlternateUniverseDesigns' proposal. Their charges are respectively a beaver, a cart wheel (representing the Oregon Trail, based on Buddhafy's proposal), and a Douglas fir (the state tree).


My Utah flags combine the current blue background with the state colors of gold and black unsourcedly listed on Wikipedia (probably with reference to bees, whether or not official). The blue field in each is charged with the state emblem, a beehive.

#4 uses the blue and white stripes from several flags associated with the early Mormon settlers. #5 is a version of the earlier proposals with similar horizontal stripes.


I based my flag for the state of Washington on the coat of arms of George Washington, on which the flag of Washington, D.C. is also based. (I turned out not to be the only one.) The green background is a reference to the state nickname of the "Evergreen State" and is also used in the current flag. The star in the canton represents Washington's location as the northwesternmost state of the Lower 48.

A second proposal is similar, but the stripes are chevron-shaped. The green triangle below the stripes represent the state's main mountain (based on two flag proposals by Jack Expo).

These are some proposals that also combine the green color with George Washington's arms, but keep the red color from the arms. #3 is actually essentially a green version of a proposal for Virginia by Nils Nicolai (a.k.a. FederalRepublic or Iserlohn).


This flag for Wyoming uses the bison-and-border design of the current flag (without the seal, of course) with a brown and yellow color scheme. These colors were proposed as state colors in 2003, and are apparently still used by the University of Wyoming.


American Samoa

The flag of American Samoa has a red-white-blue background in reference to the colors of both the U.S. and Samoan flags, charged with a bald eagle (another U.S. symbol) holding a fue and a uatogi, two traditional tools. In my proposals I removed the American eagle to emphasize the local symbols; the second version also inverts the triangle.


Guam is the only of the five inhabited U.S. territories whose flag includes its entire seal, as well as the only whose flag includes the territory's name (though the USVI flag includes its initials). Of the symbols on the seal, I kept the nut-like shield shape, representing a traditional sling stone, and the proa boat.

Northern Mariana Islands

This is another simple simplification, which reduces the number of color shades on the flag of the Northern Mariana Islands from twelve to three.


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