The current flag has seven stars representing the state's municipalities; the coat of arms it includes has a bundle of seven lances representing the platoons at the 1819 Battle of Las Queseras del Medio. In the spirit of "two birds, one stone" (why include two sets of seven things when one can symbolise both the subdivisions and the historical battle?), #1 uses a seven-pointed star, while #2 and #3 display the aforementioned lances.


The bottom section of the coat of arms of Aragua depicts the self-sacrificial fire at the Bolívar family's sugar cane factory during the 1814 Battle of San Mateo. I used a more symbolic reference to the event in the form of a flaming sugar cane.


Keeping the current flag's green disc and blue stripes, I've changed the disc to additionally reference the water-pouring amphora from the state coat of arms, representing the flow of the Orinoco.


Really only minor changes: the sun and arch are enlarged and centred, and the green band is broadened and moved below the blue stripe.


Scallop and St. James' cross from coat of arms.


The current flag's sun and moon are joined in the centre. Inspired by the former flag, a falcon silhouette represents the state's literal name.


I stylised the state map into a lilypad-like shape, keeping the bull's head. #2 incorporates a similarly stylised version of the two-peaked Aristides Rojas monument also depicted on the current flag.


Miranda's black-red-yellow triband derives from a military flag used by namesake Francisco de Miranda during the Venezuelan War of Independence. I'm not sure how best to avoid it looking too much like a defaced German flag—I've attempted it by using a brighter shade of yellow, as the coincidentally similar German flag specifically uses gold—though it might not matter that much given that the flags are not identical and belong to entities unlikely to be confused. Anyway, my redesigns also move the weirdly clipped sun and cocoa branches to a less awkward place, and remove the text.



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