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As a Paulista, I wiil start with São Paulo :

The current flag of São Paulo was originally made to be the national flag of Brazil, in the begining of the Republic, but it wasn't accepted to this and became the flag of São Paulo. It is popular in the state so I didn't make big changes.

The white and black stripes represent the days and nights that the bandeirantes fought for the good of the state. The red represent the blood shed. The stars represents the Southern Cross.

In my proposal, I reduced the number of colors to three, remove the brazilian map and add a version of the Southern Cross which is similar to the one in the national flag. The four big stars can also represent the life of the MMDC's young students, who died on May 23, 1932. The little star can represent the life of Alvarenga, who died of his wounds three months after the clash in August 1932.

The alternative proposal has 10 stripes representing the ten original municipalities of the state as showed in the research of SEADE, from which all the present municipalities have dismembered. It is an idea to give a meaning to the stripes.


The flag of Goiás is too much similar with the flag of Sergipe. In the flag of Goiás the stars represent the Southern Cross, so in "Redesign 1" I changed a little the format of the costelation, something I did in São Paulo's flag. Actually, São Paulo and Goiás share some history, principally the bandeirantes adventures. I keep the number of stripes because I discovered that Goiás is the 8th state of Brazil, but I didn't find any source saying that's the reason of the number of stripes in the current flag.

The "Redesing 2" is simpler and more different of the US flag.


The flag of Sergipe has five stars representing the five main rivers of the state and four stripes that don't have no official meaning, so in "Redesign 1" I add one stripe totalizing five to represent the five rivers and I keep just one star to simbolize the unity of the state. The canton was transformed in a pale to bring a little of distinction and I reduced the number of colors to three.

The "Redesign 2" uses the same colors, but five waves green and yellow to represent the five revers. The top blue fess represent the sky and the bottom one, the ocean.


The flag of Piauí is the third state flag that was based on the First Republican Flag

The Redesign 1 is the simplest, I couldn't find any official meaning of the number of stripes, so I keep the colors and the same elements of the original flag, but I used two bands yellow and green.

The Redesign 2 tried to give some meaning to the 13 stripes: with the three stars, this flag make a refference of the date of the Battle of Jenipapo (March 13th).


I always liked the thin stripe on the flag of Roraima that represents the ecuador line and remember us that the state is most on nothern hemisphere, a unique caractheristic in Brazil. But I never fully liked the flag and, trying to redesign it, it was difficult to find a way to keep the stripe and result in a good and symetrical flag.

So I realize that it is other ways to represent this unique caractheristic of Roraima and I have the idea to put an arrow pointing to north. The colors were keeped and I imagine some meaningful symbolism: The green triangle represents the Mount Roraima, that name the state and mean Green Mount. The white shape, besides pointing to north, symbolizes the White River, the most important of the state and named the state until 1962 (Federal Territory of Rio Branco ). As in the current flag, the blue represents the sky and the star symbolizes the statehood.


As the current flag , my redesign is a reproduction of the National Flag, relating the state flag with the federal heraldry, but with some level of distinguishability.

In my personal opinion, the flag of Ceará is the worst state flag of Brazil, because is exactly a copy of Brazilian Flag, but with a white circle. Furthermore, it has a coat of arms, something that is not good for simplicity .

The meaning of my redesign could be the three regions of the state: the blue for the coast, the yellow for the central interior and the green for the Cariri Region on the south. The star represents the unity of the state.


The redesign 1 is based on the current flag; the white, red and black represent racial fusion of the people of Maranhão and of Brazil as a whole (Indians, whites, and and blacks); the blue field represents the sky and the star represents the statehood. 

But I reduced the number of stripes to six, to simplfly it and to try make it look less american. The six stripes represent the six most important rivers of the state: Parnaíba, Itapicuru, Mearim, Pindaré, Turiaçu ans Tocantins.

The Redesign 2 is a more conservative alternative. I changed the ratio to 3:5 and now the canton seems to be right. I think I prefer the Redesign 1, but the second one is better for those who doesn't like too much change.


The flag of Alagoas is a copy of the French Flag, so I made the first redesign trying to dintinguish it. I keep the basic colors but I add three blue and white bands that represent the three lagoons that name the state. The red pale represent the people of Alagoas and the star symbolizes statehood.

The second redesign features a single star representing Alagoas' statehood and uses black in memory for the life of Zumbi dos Palmares, killed in the state, and for the fight of the enslaved people of the country.

Rio Grande do Norte

This redesign didn't make great changes on the current flag, I just removed the Coat of Arms to bring more simplicity and tranformed the yellow shape into a chevron that remind us the diamond of the national flag (like half of it). The star represents statehood like in the Coat of Arms .


I think the Pernambuco flag is amazing and possibly the best brazilian state flag, so this redesign has just a small adjustment: I enlarged the blue field, because the white field just have a little cristian cross. I made some changes on the tons of the colors and on the size of the overlays too.


My first redesign is based on the main elements of the State:
  • Bottom blue fess for the Amazon River (that flows in the south)
  • Top blue fess for the Atlantic Ocean
  • Green for the Amazon Forest
  • Bottom white line for the Equator line (that passes in the south)
  • Top white line represents the Oiapoque River (the northernest border of Brazil)
  • The yellow chevron reminds the diamond of the national flag (like half of it)
  • The picture in the chevron is the Fort of São José de Macapá

My second redesign is simpler and relives the old triband design from 1984 flag, but with the two national colors (green and gold) and a black fort to symbolize the respect for those who died fighting for the state. The two green pales represent the two main bodies of water of the state (the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon River).

Santa Catarina

The Redesign 1 is based on HansLN's second proposal, but simpler. I really liked the idea of put a white diamond behind the green one, that's bring more contrast to the flag. Instead of the coat of arms, I put a star representing the state as a member of the brazilian federation and it is the main element of the state's coat of ams .

In the Redesign 2, I add another color. The red and the green are the colors of Saint Catherine of Alexandria , who name the state. The green, the white and the yellow are the colors of the Juliana Republic , an important revolution in the state at 1800's.

The green diamond relate the flag with the national one, as in the current state flag.


An obvious redesign, but necessary. The 25 stars version is very similar to the US flag and not so simple. This redesign resolve the complexity, but it's still similar to other non-related flags, especially the chilean one. The current flag has a good popular approval, so I didn't want to change it a lot.

Another good proposal is the CPVRN's redesign on reddit , I think it is very cool and original.

Rio Grande do Sul

Another obvious proposal and very suggested by others designers, but I can't imagine another design. The flag of Rio Grande do Sul is problably the state flag most loved by its people and it carries a lot of history and symbolism. Without the shield, the flag loose nothing at all in my opinion.

Some similar proposal is also find at HenriqueOVoador proposals .


The flag of Tocantins is a good flag, it is original and it have meaningful symbolisms. The first redesign just add the only thing the flag doesn't have: relation with the national flag, by adding a diamond. Besides of that, the diamond provides a big space for a bigger sun. The number of rays of the sun reflects that Tocantins is the 24th state of Brazil. As in the current flag the blue represents the privileged hydrography of the region, and now each blue triangle could represents a hydrographic basin of the state: one for the Tocantins River's and another for the Araguaia River's.

The second redesign keeps some elements of the current flag but with a light orange chevron to relate with the national flag (like a half diamond) that point to north, remembering the history of Tocantins when the state was the North County of the Goiás State.

Espírito Santo

In this redesign, I removed the letters and added a shield based on the coat of arms of Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, state's founder and first donatary of the Captaincy of Espírito Santo. I choose to make the central star a little bigger, since in the national flag Espírito Santo is represented by the "Intrometida" star in the Southern Cross. The other four stars represent the four most populated states of Brazil, that surround Espírito Santo.


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