The purpose of this redesign is to simplify this national flag so popularly accepted. The stars and letters were excluded and the white band is no longer tilted for reasons of symmetry. There are also some changes in proportions, both the green rectangle and the yellow diamond have the ratio 2:3. The symmetric band could now represent the rainbow, signaling the beginning of a new era, like in the Pernambuco Flag.

By far, the stars and letters can't be seen already and they let the reproduction of the flag very hard, so this redesign intends to democratize the flag.

Brazil is a federation and I agree that the stars are important to represent the states, but a civil flag must be simple and I believe the flag with the stars and the motto could continue as a government and militar flag, types of flags that are usually more complex.

Naval Jack

I made this redesign for fun and it consists by the stars, just they are in the national flag, on a blue square.


This redesign is based on the checkerboard of the croatian coat of arms, but I put a blue pale to relate the flag with the pan-slavic colors.

The intention of the redesing were to distinguish it with other similars flags like Paraguay, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The Blue Pale could represent the Adriatic Sea.

The number of 25 squares of the first version came from the coat of arms and could represent the 20 counties, the city of Zagreb and the four historic regions of Croatia.

The second version has 20 squares that represent the 20 counties of Croatia, excluding the capital city of Zagreb which is represented by the Zagreb County.


I made this flag based on the paraguayan naval jack. I coudn't decide the best order of the blue and red until today. Somebody adviced me to put the "version 1" in the obverse and the "version 2" in the reverse, but I don't know if I like this idea.

The intention were to distinguish it with other similars flags like Croatia, Netherlands and Luxembourg.==

The blue and red shapes could represent arrows pointing to the center (the position of Paraguay in South America).


The flag of Andorra has two issues: it has a coat of arms and it is too similar to other non-related flags like Romania, Chad and Moldova. This redesign intend to resolve this problems by keeping the vertical orientation of the original and relating with the Coat of Arms of Catalonia representing the nation as a catalan speaker. The two blue pales could represent the two Co-Princes of the principality.


This proposal is a redesign of the flag of the Three Guarantees. I add another eight-pointed star, totalizing four that represent the 32 subdivisions of Mexico (31 states and Mexico City) like in the HansLN's proposal, but I put red on the two sides of the flag, in that way the flag seems less european and it has a unique design. The two sides of red can also represent the two oceans, like in the canadian Flag.


In the flag of Chad, the yellow represents the sands of the desert on the north of Chad, the blue symbolizes the waters of the south and the red represents the unity of the territory. This proposal intends to extend the symbolism by putting the yellow on the top (North of Chad), the blue on the bottom (the south) and the red on a pale that unify the north and the south.

By doing that, this redesign resolve the problem of the similarity of the current flag with non-related flags like Romania, Andorra and Moldova. Besides of that, my design is related with other african flags like Benin, Guinea-Bissau and Madagascar. (One pale and two fess)


This redesigns are based on ideas posted on Reddit by z3onn, the first redesign keeps the current colors of the flag. The second (I call it "Green Tri-Peak" or "Green Triglav") was a development of the first and keeps all the pan-slavic colors too. I add the green because is a color usually proposed as a national color for historic reasons, appering on government's websites and sports uniforms.

The shapes of the two redesigns are based on the coat of arms which is a stylised Mount Triglav. The current flag is too similar to other slavic countries' flags like Russia and Slovakia, so this proposals intend to create a distinguished alternative flag.

I recently discovered a redesign on Reddit which is very similar with my first one and it was made before me, however my favorite proposal is the "Green Triglav", I only keep the first here because it were essencial to develop the second one.


This proposal is a merge of the current two flags of Bolivia: La tricolor and Wiphala Flag. It keeps the colors of the first one and the grid design of the second, with large squares for better visibility and a 2:3 ratio rectangular flag. 

The current flag of Bolivia is too much similar with african flags, this proposal intends to distinguish it and to make a relation with the Wiphala Flag.


This redesign is a merge of the current flag and of the First National Flag of Ecuador (current flag of Guayas Province). It keeps the colors of the first one and add the blue and white stripes of the second.


This redesign tries to improve the current flag of Venezuela by making it more distinguishable from Colombia and Ecuador. The "V" shape is for Venezuela, the colors were keeped and the number of stars was reduced to seven like it was before 2006, representing the seven signatories provinces to the Venezuelan declaration of independence.


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