This is my attempt at choosing the best flag (own, non-own or current) for each state inspired by HansLN's lists.


Current flag Picked proposal Comment
Flag of Brazil.svg
National flag (own redesign)
Bandeira do Acre.png
Acre (current)
Bandeira de Alagoas.png
Alagoas (own)
Bandeira do Amapá.png
Amapá (own)
Bandeira do Amazonas.svg
Amazonas (current)
Bandeira da Bahia.png

Bahia (current)

Bandeira do Ceará.png
Ceará (own)
Bandeira do Distrito Federal (Brasil).png
Distrito Federal (current)
Bandeira do Espírito Santo.png
Espírito Santo (own)
Flag of Goiás.png
Goiás (current)
Bandeira do Maranhão.png
Redesign MA.png

Maranhão (own) - Just a slight adjusment on the canton.

Bandeira de Mato Grosso.png
Mato Grosso (current)
Bandeira de Mato Grosso do Sul.png
Mato Grosso do Sul (current)
Bandeira de Minas Gerais.png
Minas Gerais (current) - I know it has letters but problably is a exception on the rule.
Bandeira do Pará.png

Pará (current) -  Such a iconic flag.

Bandeira da Paraíba.png

Paraíba (current)

Bandeira do Paraná.png
My Redesign for flag of Paraná.png

Paraná (Luismanuel1995)

Bandeira de Pernambuco.png
Redesign PE.png
Pernambuco (own) - Just small adjustments on this iconic flag
Bandeira do Piauí.png

Piauí (own)

Bandeira do estado do Rio de Janeiro.png
Rio de janeiro brazil state flag redesign by henriqueovoador-damu13s.png

Rio de Janeiro (HenriqueOVoador)

Bandeira do Rio Grande do Norte.png
Rio Grande do Norte (own)
Bandeira do Rio Grande do Sul.png
Rio Grande do Sul (me and others)
Bandeira de Rondônia.png
Rondônia (current)
Bandeira de Roraima.png
Roraima (own)
Bandeira de Santa Catarina.png

Santa Catarina (own)

São Paulo (own)
Bandeira de Sergipe.png
Sergipe (own)
Bandeira do Tocantins.png
Tocantins (current)

United States

National flag:

  • National flag (current)
State flags:
  • Alabama (current)
  • Alaska (AlternateUniverseDesigns)
  • Arizona (current)
  • Arkansas (Hans)
  • California (current)
  • Colorado (current)
  • Connecticut (Graphicology)
  • Delaware (own)
  • Florida (own)
  • Georgia (own)
  • Hawaii (Kanaka Maoli flag)
  • Idaho (own)
  • Illinois (own)
  • Indiana (Hans)
  • Iowa (current)
  • Kansas (own)
  • Kentucky (Ed Mitchell)
  • Louisiana (own)
  • Maine (Maine Flag Company)
  • Maryland (current)
  • Massachusetts (own)
  • Michigan (own)
  • Minnesota (Becker and Herold North Star Flag)
  • Mississippi (own)
  • Missouri (own)
  • Montana (Andrew Rogers and Hans)
  • Nebraska (own)
  • Nevada (own)
  • New Hampshire (own)
  • New Jersey (own)
  • New Mexico (current)
  • New York (own)
  • North Carolina (own)
  • North Dakota (Pathos)
  • Ohio (current)
  • Oklahoma (Hans)
  • Oregon (own modification on current)
  • Pennsylvania (Marmocet)
  • Rhode Island (current)
  • South Carolina (current)
  • South Dakota (own)
  • Tennessee (current)
  • Texas (current)
  • Utah (Thomas Nehren)
  • Vermont (The Green Mountain Boys Flag)
  • Virginia (own)
  • Washington (own)
  • West Virginia (own)
  • Wisconsin (own)
  • Wyoming (Ken Morton)

Current flag Picked proposal Comment
Flag of the United States.svg National flag
Flag of Alabama.svg Alabama (current)
Flag of Alaska.svg
AK Flag Proposal Alternateuniversedesigns.png
The stars are too small; enlarging them avoids the flag looking like a plain blue cloth from large distances. Both AlternateUniverseDesigns and Achaley had this idea.
Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona (current)
Flag of Arkansas.svg
US-AR flag proposal Hans 5.png
Arkansas (Hans)
Flag of California.svg

California (current)

I know it has letters, but is such a iconic flag and so much reproduced in all world. I think this flag is a exception in the "no lettering rule".

Flag of Colorado.svg Colorado (current)
Flag of Connecticut.svg
CT Flag Proposal Graphicology.png
Connecticut (Graphicology)
Flag of Delaware.svg
Delaware redesign.png
Delaware (own)
Flag of Florida.svg
Florida by simplisticflag.png
Florida (Own)
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg
Georgia simple.png
Georgia (Own)
Flag of Hawaii.svg
Kanaka Maoli flag.png

Hawaii (Kanaka Maoli Flag)

Historical flag of Hawaii (details) - Hawaii is an interesting case: apparently an earlier flag is less stuck with the past and more representative of present days than the current flag.

Flag of Idaho.svg
Idaho Redesign 2.png
Idaho (own)
Flag of Illinois.svg
Illinois Redesign 2.png
Illinois (own)
Flag of Indiana.svg
US-IN flag proposal Hans 1.png
Indiana (Hans)
Official Flag of Iowa.png

Iowa (current)

I would do little modifications on Iowa's flag, but I don't know exactly what, so I remain with the current flag for now.

Flag of Kansas.svg

Kansas (own)

Flag of Kentucky.svg
KY Flag Proposal Ed Mitchell.png

Kentucky (Ed Mitchell)

Great flag, although I prefer the symbol near to the hoist or in the middle of the flag.

Flag of Louisiana.svg
Louisiana Proposal by Moraisdethiago.png
Louisiana (own)
Flag of Maine.svg
1901 Maine Flag.png

Maine (Maine Flag Company)

Digital reproduction of the 1901 flag created by the Maine Flag Company. The pine tree used in this particular design is closely related to the historic Maine Merchant Marine flag.

Flag of Maryland.svg Maryland (current)
Flag of Massachusetts.svg

Massachusetts (own)

Flag of Michigan.svg
Michigan (own)
Flag of Minnesota.svg
Minnesota North Star Flag.svg.png
Minnesota ("North Star Flag" by Rev. William Becker of Winona & Lee Herold of Rochester)
Flag of Mississippi.svg
Mississippi (own)
Flag of Missouri.svg
Missouri (own)
Flag of Montana.svg
US-MT flag proposal Andrew Rogers 2 (modified).png

Montana (Andrew Rogers and Hans)

Montana flag proposal by Andrew Rogers, modified by Hans.

Flag of Nebraska.svg
Nebraska by simplisticflags.png
Nebraska (own)
Flag of Nevada.svg
Nevada (own)
Flag of New Hampshire.svg
New Hampshire (own)
Flag of New Jersey.svg
New Jersey Redesign.png
New Jersey (own)
Flag of New Mexico.svg New Mexico (current)
Flag of New York.svg

New York (own)

Flag of North Carolina.svg
North Carolina (own)
Flag of North Dakota.svg
3 of 8 user Pathos.png

North Dakota (Reddit User Pathos)

Three feathers for three tribes of North Dakota. Winner design of the contest of Facebook page "US State Flags - Current, Historical and Proposed".

Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio (current)
Flag of Oklahoma.svg
US-OK flag proposal Hans 3.png

Oklahoma (Hans)

Flag of Oregon -obverse-.svg
Oregon simplistic.png
Oregon (own modification on the reverse of current flag)
Flag of Pennsylvania.svg
PA Quadrants 2b.svg
Pennsylvania (Marmocet)
Flag of Rhode Island.svg

Rhode Island (current)

This flag has two issues: letters and the yellow star over a white background, but I didn't find a redesign that overcome the current flag unitl now.

Flag of South Carolina.svg

South Carolina (current)

Great flag

Flag of South Dakota.svg

South Dakota (own)

Winner design of the contest of Facebook page "US State Flags - Current, Historical and Proposed" in December 2019.

Flag of Tennessee.svg Tennessee (current)
Flag of Texas.svg Texas (current)
Flag of Utah.svg
Utah Flag Redesign Alternate.png
Utah (Thomas Nehren)
Flag of Vermont.svg
Flag of Vermont Republic.svg
Vermont (The Green Mountain Boys Flag, militia flag of the Vermont Republic)
Flag of Virginia.svg
Virginia (own)
Flag of Washington.svg

Washington (own) - based on George Washington's personal flag


WA Flag Proposal Hoofer7.png

Flag of West Virginia.svg

West Virginia (own)

Based on Hans' idea.

Flag of Wisconsin.svg
Wisconsin (own)
Flag of Wyoming.svg
Wyoming (Modified).png

Wyoming (Ken Morton)

A modified state flag for Wyoming; proposed by Ken Morton - No seal


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