Current flag of Utah

Proposals for a New Flag of Utah

Shown below are various designes that have been proposed for a new flag of Utah.

Most common symbolism

Beehive and honey bees


The beehive has been, at least since Roman times, a very meaningful symbol, being used in heraldry since Middle Ages. According to Freemasonry, the beehive is a symbol of industry, co-operation and dedication to work. Latter-Days Saints Church adopted it with a similar symbolism.

In the language of Jaredites, a people described on Book of Mormon, the word "Deseret" means "honey bee". The Mormon community suggested the creation of the State of Deseret on an area that included the current state of Utah, but the federal government rejected the proposal and created the Territory of Utah on same area.

However, the beehive and the honey bees is still a symbol strongly related with Utah: a beehive is present in state flag, seal and highway marks; the beehive is state emblem; Utah's official astronomical symbol is the "Beehive Cluster", and its official animal is the honey bee. State motto is "Industry" (a reference to beehive's symbolism) and it's unofficial nickname is "The Beehive State".

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