The flag of the state of Vermont consists of the state's coat of arms and motto on a field of azure. The Vermont General Assembly adopted the current flag on June 1, 1923.

While the pine needle supporters of the coat of arms are represented throughout New England, the pine tree in the middle of the coat of arms represents the Vermont forests. The cow and three sheaves of wheat represent the dairy and agriculture industries. The deer head on top represents Vermont's wildlife. The Green Mountains are in the background as well. The motto, "Freedom and Unity", is also used. The motto balances two different ideals, the freedom of the individual citizen, and the welfare of the common good.

Historical Flags[edit | edit source]

Multiple versions of the flag have been included throughout history. Originally, the flag was the same as the flag of the Green Mountain Boys. It was then changed to look similar to the flag of the United States, consisting of red and white stripes, and a blue canton. It was changed to be dissimilar to avoid confusion. Proposals have been brought up to revert the flag back to the Green Mountain Boys' flag, but none have succeeded.

Proposals for a New Flag of Vermont[edit | edit source]

Shown below are various designs that have been proposed for a new flag of Vermont.

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