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Flag of NAVA
In 2001, the NAVA (Northern American Vexillological Association), a member of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV, French acronym: Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques), asked their members all around the world to give notes to rate each US state, federal district or territory flag, and each Canadian province or territory flag. More than half of them failed to reach only a standard 5.0 grade. After the survey, the only state that significantly changed its flag was Georgia, in the last position of the poll (with an unhonored 2.36 grade). More states should follow the example.

Find out more at the 2001 NAVA survey page.

What does "vexillology" mean?[]

"Study of flags", literally. Whitney Smith, co-founder of "scientific" study of flags, created this word in 1957. It comprises the term vexillum, the name of banners carried by Roman soldiers, and logos, which means "knowledge" or "science" in Greek.

More specifically, this wiki concerns itself with vexillography (from gráphō, to write or draw), the design of new flags.

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Vexillology Wiki collects flag proposals, with a focus on new flags for countries, groups and their subdivisions.

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