The Flag of Volgograd Oblast Is Official Since August 31, 2000.

“The flag of the oblast is a rectangular red cloth in the proportions of 2: 3 with the image in the middle in white of the figure of the statue of Mother Motherland, installed on the Mamaev Kurgan. The height of the statue is three quarters of the width of the flag of the region. Parallel to the flagpole, two blue vertical stripes are shown, each one sixteenth of the length of the flag of the region and separated by the same distance from each other and from the edge of the flag of the oblast. ”

Colors and ElementsEdit

The red color of the coat of arms and the flag of the Oblast flag recalls the color of the historical emblems of the Tsaritsyn regiments, the coat of arms of the county town of Tsaritsyn, the State Emblem of the RSFSR and the modern State Emblem of the Russian Federation, the banners of ancient Russia and the flags of the Soviet period and symbolizes the continuity of the symbols of the Volgograd Oblast, its glorious traditions and history .

The red color is also a symbol of courage and resilience of the inhabitants of the Volgograd Oblast during all periods of its being in Russia, their activity, determination, solidarity and ability to sacrifice. This color is considered a symbol of pride and freedom and recalls that the sacred Volgograd land is abundantly watered with the blood of the defenders of the Fatherland.

The statue of the Motherland, long and firmly associated throughout the world with the Volgograd Oblast, personifies the unlimited patriotism of the inhabitants of the region, the combat and labor heroism of the people over the centuries and recalls that it was on the territory of the Volgograd region that the grandiose battle of Stalingrad took place, which largely determined further historical destinies our country and all of humanity.

The blue stripes on the flag of the region remind of the natural and geographical originality of the Volgograd Oblast, which is the only region in the European part of the Russian Federation through the territory of which the two largest rivers of European Russia - the Volga and Don flow at once, and symbolize these rivers crossing the territory of the Volgograd region, which are of great importance in her life and development throughout history. Blue color is a symbol of eternal youth and harmony, wisdom and spiritual perfection.

The white color of the statue means peace, nobility, justice and bright ideals.

The combination in the flag of the region of white, blue and red colors of the modern State flag of the Russian Federation symbolizes the location of the Volgograd oblast as part of Russia as a subject of the Federation and its inextricable unity with Russia.

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