The Flag of Vologda Oblast Is Official Since November 26, 1997.

The flag of the Vologda Oblast is a rectangular panel with a ratio of width to length 2 × 3 of white color with the image of the coat of arms of the Vologda Oblast in the upper corner of the shaft:

“In a heraldic shield with a scarlet (red) field, the right hand coming out of silver clouds (right hand) in a golden robe, holding a golden power adorned with precious stones, and behind it a silver sword with a golden hilt laid in a band; at the head of the shield is the golden Russian Imperial crown, as it was depicted in the provincial arms, with fluttering azure (blue, blue) ribbons. ”

Along the side of the panel opposite the flagpole, there is a red strip with a width of 1/5 of the length of the panel.

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